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Your Soul's Purpose Astrology Session

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 189 US dollars
  • Online or Fairview, NC

Session Description

Your Soul's Purpose Session will take a holistic look at your astrological blueprint. Together with Holistic Astrologer Aimee Williams you will uncover the areas in your life that may be challenging and those that may be effortless, where you shine, and where you need some extra love & attention. In our session together, you will learn about the unique characteristics you were born with, your Life Lessons, what is currently going on for you in the sky, and practical tools to help you navigate these newly discovered paths. Astrology is a beautiful gift that shows us the way! As we travel around your chart, you will be realigned with your Soul's Purpose in a way that will shine a light on your highest potential. The intention of this session is for it to be profound and life-changing. Understanding your unique astrological blueprint gives you the power to make effective and enlightened changes to step into your highest potential in this life. Awareness is the key to change! Being able to uncover the reasons why we behave in a certain way, think the way we do, feel everything so deeply, or doubt our innate wisdom allows us to be put back in the driver's seat on our journey to our Soul's Purpose in this lifetime. During your Consultation with Aimee: • You will meet Online or at the GCA Studio in Fairview, NC • You will gain insights into your unique characteristics • You will discover your areas of growth • You will learn about ways to enhance the parts of your life that may feel imbalanced or stagnant • You will be advised on practical lifestyle changes that will help support those areas that need some extra TLC Your Soul's Purpose Session is 60-90 minutes long. You are welcome to take notes. Your session will be recorded and emailed to you so that you can review the material as often as you like. Your session will be recorded and will be emailed to you so that you can review the material as often as you like. Your Soul's Purpose Session can be held virtually online or in-person at our Studio in Fairview, NC. Please choose your location during check out. You will be gifted a custom-made sacred botanical product that is tailored to your personal astrological chart.

Cancelation Policy

If you need to reschedule your session, please contact us 48 hours before your appointment.

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