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Slumber Aromatic Spritz | insomnia, sleep aid essential oils | Golden Circle Alchemy | Fairview, NC | Clinical Aromatherapist

Slumber Aromatic Spritz


Relax into deep sleep with this comforting aromatic blend. Gently massage into temples, chest, and hands before bed to help you drift into sleep...


  • Lavender: calming, nurturing, soothing, balancing; eases mental & physical exhaustion
  • Mandarin: nurtures your sense of well-being; soothes sympathetic nervous system
  • Petitgrain: stress relieving; gentle sedative; eases nervousness
  • Copaiba: quiets a restless mind; promotes a sense of tranquility 
  • Sweet Marjoram: calms overthinking; stress relief; eases nervousness
  • Rosalina: calms and relaxes the mind; eases irritability; releases restlessness
  • Roman Chamomile: soothing; stress relief; clears emotional congestion; sleep tonic


We use Subtle Aromatherapy at Golden Circle Alchemy ~ meaning that we understand and honor the abundant power of essential oils and use them wisely and conscientiously by accessing the Limbic System to enhance your quality of life.