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Heart Comfort Aromatherapy Inhaler

Heart Comfort Aromatherapy Inhaler


The consoling, soothing aroma of our Heart Comfort Aromatic Blend will give your heart the space it needs to find relief from grief, despair and heartache.


  • Bergamot: eases and comfort the heart from emotional wounds
  • Monarda: alleviates restlessness and irritability
  • Cypress: helps you adjust to changes in life and promotes peacefulness
  • Sweet Marjoram: emotionally warming; helps you accept loss and change
  • Tulsi/Holy Basil: enhances clarity of thought so you can see clearly without being blurred by your emotions
  • Neroli: promotes love, gratitude and a sense of peace
  • Jasmine: balances your emotions and opens your heart


Our Heart Comfort Aromatic Blend comes in an Aromatherapy Inhaler and Aromatic Spritz.


We use Subtle Aromatherapy at Golden Circle Alchemy ~ meaning that we understand and honor the abundant power of essential oils and use them wisely and conscientiously by accessing the Limbic System to enhance your quality of life.