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Energy Clearing Aromatic Spritz

Energy Clearing Aromatic Spritz


This bright and expansive aromatic blend helps clear out negative energy, rebalance your own energy, and shift your disposition. Let go of the negativity! Clear your space!


  • Lemon: uplifting and refreshing; clears away negativity
  • Douglas Fir: relieves mental fatigue; promotes deep breathing; aids clarity
  • Saro: clears the mind; awakening; improves inner willpower
  • Black Spruce: moves stuck energy; "spruce up" the energy; encourages new insights
  • Fragonia: releases old patterns; unblocks stagnant energy; opens to allow for change and progress


We use Subtle Aromatherapy at Golden Circle Alchemy ~ meaning that we understand and honor the abundant power of essential oils and use them wisely and conscientiously by accessing the Limbic System to enhance your quality of life.