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About Me

Aimee Williams | Golden Circle Alchemy
Aimee Williams | Astrologer | Hypnotherapist | Soul Alchemist | Golden Circle Alchemy

Aimee Williams, CH, CCA
Libra Sun | Sagittarius Moon | Aquarius Rising

Herb Infused Oils

Sacred Botanicals

I discovered herbal remedies in high school and began a lifelong love of plant medicines. After I became a mom in 1999, I have been a dedicated aromatic and herbal medicine maker. I formulate sacred botanicals to access and support my client's subconscious mind to produce impactful life changes. These effective plant-based products allow my clients to be in the present moment, focus their energy, and reconnect with Soul's Purpose.

Astronomical Clock

Holistic Astrology

As a professional astrologer, my ability to tap into the energy systems of my clients, and touch on important details in their astrological birth charts enables me to provide my clients with valuable information in order to make life-changing decisions. This offers my clients a space to find support and practical advice on how to navigate this new path to a meaningful life.

Rock Maze

Liberating Hypnotherapy

As a certified Hypnotist, I understand the power words have on us. Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of life imbalances. I will create a customized hypnosis session for your individual needs. This highly personalized approach means that the experience will be completely tailored to healing work you are doing. Slow down your mind, bring clarity to your thoughts, and experience personal growth through hypnotherapy.

Aimee Williams | Astrologer | Hypnotherapist | Aromatherapist | Herbalist

To me, a healer is someone who walks beside you and teaches you techniques that allow you to heal yourself. I have spent my life thus far learning different techniques for my own healing as well as to help others learn how to heal themselves. I have been trained in many modalities from helping postpartum mothers to somatic trauma releasing to astrology to hypnotherapy and more.


All of my trainings have a common theme of learning how to come back to homeostasis, a coming back home to ourselves. Past emotional woundings can hold us back from truly living in the present moment. Honoring and healing these wounds allows us to step forward into life with a renew sense of self. I look forward to working with you as you remember who you are!

My Natal Chart

Here is a brief insight into my own Soul's Purpose


Sun: Libra ~ AIR: I have an innate desire for harmony in my relationships, however, I can put too much attention on other people's well-being and neglect my own. I can also be a bit chatty :)

Moon: Sagittarius ~ FIRE: I share my heart with others through Truth and spiritual exploration. While I have an enthusiastic nature, I can also be guarded of my emotions and am rather opinionated. Just ask me! 

Ascendent: Aquarius ~ AIR: I tend to travel my own path & look towards the future. I can recharge my energy when I am able to step away from the busyness of the world and do my own thing. I am here to show you how to do things differently and not follow the status quo.

With my Venus, Mars, Sun, and Uranus in Libra  ~ I have a lovely Libra Stellium in the 9th House of Higher Learning and Spirituality. This means that my core energy, my active energy, my values, and my outside-the-box worldview are centered around relationships that expand my horizons. A sense of connection is extremely important to me.

With my Moon, Neptune & North Node conjunct my Midheaven (career goals) in Sagittarius (higher learning) in the 11th House (community dynamics), I am here to share the Big Picture with others. These placements allow me to step into my role as the Soul Alchemist with my whole heart.

My Services

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